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"In the past, a good salesperson and an accountant were enough for a company. 

Today, life stops without the security and protection of IT and business processes."

Are you uncertain about IT operation or data protection or IT security issues?

That's probably why you visited our website.


You are in the right place, because we offer solutions in almost all areas of IT.

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Is my IT working properly?

Am I operating safely enough?

Can I protect my clients?

Do I have to change my daily operations: my processes, my policies?

What personal data do I process?

Do I comply with GDPR regulations?

We deliver practical solutions that take into account the interests of our customers and take into account business and operational aspects.

What can we provide support for?

In that we develop an individual solution package tailored to your company, depending on the type and depth of help you need.


In which areas can we cooperate?


  • In IT management and IT operation
  • In solving data and information protection problems and GDPR compliance
  • In compliance with the additional and parallel requirements of the various sectoral rules (finance, marketing, healthcare, etc.).

Our references

IT software development and operating companies

Financial and insurance sector actors

State-municipal companies

Vehicle dealerships

Educational organizers

Travel organization

Machine manufacturing

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