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In each case, we develop and deliver individual solutions fitted to the nature and depth of the assistance required.

Legalitlab has been present on the IT and data protection market as a Hungarian-owned company since 2017. Our work and services are acknowledged by the positive feedback from our clients and partners and our growing turnover.

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One Identity Team Leader

Our philosophy

We believe that data protection and IT security is not just an obligation to be overcome, but a tool to ensure that data subjects and data controllers can protect their rights and pursue their economic interests without competitive disadvantage in the face of rapid technological development and globalisation challenges.

We believe that in the field of IT management, data protection and information security, legal and IT aspects are compatible and synergies are essential.

Our certificates

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Why Legalitlab?

Qualified IT specialists and lawyers specialised in data security and data protection with more than 26years of professional experience are at your service.

Our staff has graduated in IT, law, data protection and economics and many years of theoretical and practical experience in IT management, IT operations, IT security, legal, data protection, process management, project management, also in finance and insurance.

Their practical experience was complemented by training courses such as IT auditing, IT risk management, data protection, ITIL, COBIT, DevOps, project management, etc.

They constantly broaden and update their knowledge through experience gained at professional conferences and participation in workshops.

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